BouncyBoi Press Kit




Release Date

Pre-Order: March 11, 2022
Release: March 25, 2022


  • Steam PC/Linux
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch


Regular Price

  • Xbox
    USD: $13.99
    AUD: $20.95
  • Switch
    USD: $14.95
  • Steam
    USD: $12.00
    AUD: $18.50


You are BouncyBoi. A purple bouncy slime who loves to jive and solve puzzles, making his way through Puzzle Land.

You will be presented with a game board and need to navigate BouncyBoi to the finish line, overcoming puzzles and characters which will be obscuring your path. As you progress through the worlds, you’ll meet new and interesting challenges to test your problem solving abilities.

Bounce into this colourful and cartoony world with BouncyBoi and adventure through various worlds filled with challenging puzzles, cute graphics and funky beats!


BouncyBoi’s origin started out being an example project to showcase a generic puzzle instructional course the developer, Nathan Sheppard, was creating.
The game’s appeal was continually the topic of conversation when demonstrating the mechanics, which led to Nathan commiting to completing the game as a fully realised title.  All content in the game is authored by a solo developer, from code to audio to art.

Shortly after adding some polish, a demo was submitted to Nintendo and Xbox who then approved the title for their platforms. 

This is the first title for Twin-Stick.


  • 5 uniquely themed worlds, consisting of 10 levels each
  • Family friendly gameplay, allowing young kids to enjoy the game (but may need help from parents on some tricky parts 😅)
  • Juicy and colourful graphics make this game a visual treat
  • An up-beat soundtrack to meet BouncyBoi’s fun and joyful personality
  • Full gamepad support with rumble


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